Knock Down & Rebuild and the Auckland Unitary Plan

If you are thinking of removing or demolishing an existing dwelling, you have many different options to choose from. You can knock down the old house and build the home of your dreams, or build two, rent one and live in the other, or simply sell one or both. Just this initial decision is quite a daunting prospect within itself!

You may also be worried about things like what permits you need, whether a knock down or removal is the best option, what the total costs will be, and whether it's all going to run to plan. And if you are in Auckland you may be thinking about how the Unitary Plan affects you and you and your property.

The Signature Homes Knock Down + Rebuild service is such a great option because we can offer you expert guidance on all aspects of your project. We will outline exactly what's involved, manage the project for you and guide you through the process every step of the way, giving you complete peace of mind.

Auckland Unitary Plan Experts

The Auckland Unitary Plan is the biggest change in Urban Planning for the region for decades, and for more information go to our dedicated Auckland Unitary Plan page for tips and details on how we can help.

We are currently working with a number of clients to develop their property for multiple dwellings and Signature Homes can assist you through the full project, including:

  • initial concepts and designs
  • Geo-tech reports
  • consents
  • finance options
  • project management of the build
  • sales and pre-sales of any dwellings 

​If you are considering a Private development then the Signature Knockdown and Rebuild Service, or our Subdivide and Build Service can give you access to a complete end - to - end development solution that no other company can offer. We also have experts in all our Auckland offices who can help you with any finance requirements needed to fund the developments.

We are the Auckland Unitary Plan experts and can give you a quick and easy assesment of what could be possible on your property, from one or two stand alone homes to terraced housing solutions we have experience building them all.

Contact your nearest team and for an obligation free Auckland Unitary Plan Consultation to see what is possible.

Contact us for more information

If you are thinking of undertaking a knock down or removal project, or want to discuss your options under the Unitary Plan feel free to get in touch with your nearest Franchise. You are under no obligation, and we will be able to provide you with some guidance even at an early stage.